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Perfect for weeknights, unfussy sheet pan recipes are great go-tos when you only want to wash one dish

On weeknights, or in advance of spontaneous dinner parties, or during those times when cooking just feels like a slog, there is nothing quite like a sheet pan. The flattened versions of one-pot recipes, sheet pan recipes are often as easy as they are quick, and though no one likes to scrub a sheet pan after dinner, tin foil and parchment make that task a little easier. Here are six Eater editors’ recipes for broiler-friendly, oven-dependent, delicious sheet pan recipes for any occasion.

Sheet-Pan Gnocchi With Mushrooms and Spinach

Ali Slagle, NYT Cooking

Sure, everyone got into sheet pan cooking earlier in the pandemic, but call me a late bloomer: Over the last few months, a lack of time, combined with a complete lack of will to do lots of dishes at the end of the night and a reinvestment in home cooking over takeout, has compelled me to seek out weekly sheet pan recipes. This sheet pan gnocchi recipe hits all the right notes for me. They key is to not overthink it. Roasting shelf-stable gnocchi (one of the ultimate premade ingredients) seems like it shouldn’t work, and New York Times commenters have noted this with some skepticism, questioning whether it should be boiled first. But rest assured, the gnocchi comes out of the package as stuck-together pellets of flavorless, dry dough and emerges like magic from the oven toothsomely crisp on the outside and warm and pillowy on the inside. The recipe also avoids another common sheet-pan recipe pitfall: It doesn’t treat all the ingredients with the same cook times and temperatures. Instead, the gnocchi and mushrooms go in first, with the spinach added in the last few minutes. That means that the fungi come out caramelized under piles of wilted-to-slightly-baked spinach topped with a zingy horseradish and honey mustard. — Brenna Houck, cities manager

Sheet Pan Chicken Meatballs with Tomatoes and Chickpeas

Claire Saffitz, Bon Appétit

I keep returning to this recipe because — as a single person — it doubles as my ideal batch-cooking scenario for the week. If a dish calls for a few chicken breasts or salmon fillets, I end up bored of eating dried poultry by the end of the week, or grossed out by the thought of keeping cooked seafood in the fridge for a few days. These harissa-spiked meatballs, which never get too dry, offer the versatility I’m looking for in a throw-it-in-the-oven recipe. They go as well with a bowl of whichever grains I decide to cook up as they do a pita I’ll warm up over my gas stove. They’re a time-saver that offers plenty of flavor (thanks to the salty feta and juicy tomatoes), which seems like the point of any great sheet pan recipe. — Bao Ong, Eater New York editor

Green Goddess Salmon With Potatoes and Snap Peas

Sarah Copeland,

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