Chef Nyesha Arrington Makes Gunpowder Dosas At One Of NYC’s Hottest New Restaurants

Arrington learns all about chef Vijaya Kumar’s signature dish, served at his restaurant Semma

On this episode of Plateworthy, chef Nyesha Arrington learns how to make gunpowder dosa, the signature dish from Semma, one of New York City’s most exciting new restaurants.

Arrington learns from none other than Vijaya Kumar, the restaurant’s executive chef. “A dosa is a thin crepe made out of fermented rice and lentil batter,” he explains. “Dosa is one of the oldest foods, we’ve been eating it for thousands and thousands of years.”

The two get to work making the batter. They start by rinsing rice and urad dal lentils to make the batter. Once they blend it to the desired texture, they spread it out in a thin circle on the grill. Next comes the “gunpowder,” a mix of three types of lentils, red chilis, curry leaves, and other spices. Impressed by the spice mix, Arrington remarks, “Delicious. I don’t think I’ve ever had that flavor profile before, the mixture of it.”

They sprinkle the dosa with ghee and the spice mixture, and fold it into its signature triangle shape.You can hear the crunchiness,” laughs Kumar as Arrington takes an audibly crispy bite of the finished product. “Yes, I can hear you.”

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